The engagements with the Gunners Union

On Saturday, 18th of  June, 2016, early in the morning the heading engagements in the frames of the project Green Lungs of Poland – Waft of History, Whiff of Present realized owing to the support of Foreign Ministry of Poland had taken place at our Center in Elk.


That was another group of young people, now at the uniform, who wanted to be engaged and to learn in practice how to pilot groups of guests of our Diocese – participants of the World Youth Day – all around the city of Elk and through the trails of St. John Paul II.

Interesting historical stories and wonders of nature were the base of the knowledge about the places where we are going to visit during our common wayfaring. Private confrontations with historical truth were rather difficult for some of the young people especially for the youngest ones. The stories of the participants of the canoe travels together with Karol Wojtyla showed him as a common and at the same time saint man, who can be a good example for us especially for those who are going to follow him. “Brain storm” and the collective work with the hand guide which was going to be edited  had been a good chance for “catching” of the language and graphic talents. The engagements in the forest allowed not only to breath a fresh air but also to work out certain topographical and guide skills.

We hope that the group of the young people from the Gunners Union not only had raised up the level of historical, nature and geographical knowledge but also in future will promote patriotic values and will construct a positive image of Poland among all the guests coming to this beautiful part of the world.