Studio Visit Experience!

That was an amazing time. We have started by buses from Elk following the Papal Trails the Luminous Mysteries escorted by policemen taking care of our safety all the time from stage to stage and from early morning till late at night.


We have visited very important stages of the Papal Trails within the project Green Lungs of Poland – the Breath of History, the Waft of the Present. We have started from the Cathedral and then from St. John Paul II Square. During all the Trail we have been informed about the most interesting places with the help of the mobile application of the project Green Lungs of Poland. When going to Rajgrod we have listened to the story about historical border and the border post dated 1545. At Rajgrod Sanctuary we’ve got a chance to get to know about history of the place, of the icon and of the places at Rajgrod Lake visited by Karol Wojtyla.

Passing a historical and picturesque city of Zygmunt August – Augustow – we reached Studzeniczna, where we have met with the rest of the people from our group who got from Augustow to Studzeniczna by ship. After that Mr. Roman Rogozinski showed us a path through Augustow Forest passing by the Forest Education Center up to the Sanctuary of Virgin Mary in Studzeniczna where it was possible to pray. Having had a short rest and some sweet things to eat we have started to the further road.

It was raining when we were passing Mikaszowka. Here we stopped for a moment at the monument on the hill in Giby where there is a symbolic grave of the victims of Augustow Roundup in 1945. Here we remembered a great lesson of history of Poland, constructing bridges over sufferings, grief and pain of the nations travelling together.

In Sejny we were cordially greeted at a beautiful Basilica getting some knowledge about history of the city, of the synagogue and about this multicultural and multinational specific stage of the Papal Trails.

In such a way we reached Wigry and the former Camaldoli monastery. At the place we sailed across the lake by papal ship, went sightseeing, took part at the cooking of kartacze (or capelin) made from potatoes and meat) and sekacz (a unique cake), making of different things from clay and so on. After dinner during the meeting at the monastery garden we listened to the regional songs and enjoyed watching regional dances and the performance made by our guests from Syberia, then we could dance together with all the guests integral dances – Polonez and Belgium dance. Some of the guests from the Lithuania and Italy have chosen another form of rest – streaming down the Papal Kayak Trail The Mystery of Entrustment. A special impression have been made by the guests from Angola. The mobile application and the Participant’s illustrated notepad had been very helpful for all the participants when looking for important historical places. In the evening all the participants came back home full of joy.


At the end there was the feast at St. John Paul II Square where some thousands guests from Poland and abroad gathered together. A wonderful performance, common prayers, folk dances, meetings and talks will remember for ever in our memory and the memory of our guests. We are very grateful for everybody who supported us at the realization of the project.